Rhetorics of War in the Arts, A Century of War (1917-2017)


Rhetorics of War in the Arts, A Century of War (1917-2017)

Romanian Academy Bucharest, 5th-6:n October, 2017

October 5th Aula Magna
10.00 Opening Speech: Acad. Rázvan Theodorescu | President of Arts, Architecture and Audiovisual Department of the Romanian Academy 10.10 Opening Speech: Adrian-Silvan lonescu | director of the „G. Oprescu” Institute of Art History of the Romanian Academy
– 1st Session. Moderator: Adrian-Silvan lonescu

15.30 Marian Lupascu | The Soldiering in Romanian Folklore 15.45 Carmen Popa | Deeply Impacting Echoes of the Two World Wars in Romanian Music
16.00 Adrian-SiLvan lonescu | Cartoons in Occupied Bucharest (1917-1918)
16.15 Closing remarks. Disscusions

Ion Heliade Rădulescu Amphiteather
1st Session. Moderator: Celina Lunsford
10.0 Andrea Domesle | Recent European Art on World War I
10.15 Manuela Cernat | Historical Truth Distorted by Censorship and Propaganda
10.30 Silvana Rachieru | The Ottoman War Hero: The Memory of Mehmetcik in Turkey and Romania
10.45 Coffee break
2nd Session. Moderator Manuela Cernat
11.15 Petter Österlund | In the Eyes of the War: A Collection of First World War Stereo Photos
11.30 Catalina Macovei | Drawings from the Great War by Emil Damian
11.45 Magdalena Ziolkowska | Public Executions during German Occupation in WW2 in the Paintings of Andrzej Wroblewski
12.0 Olivia N itis | Traces of War in Contemporary Art
12.15 Lunch break
3rd Session. Moderator Marian Tutui

3rd Session. Moderator: Adrian Leonte
14.30 Mihai Dohot | Photographic Testimonies from Basarabia of the Two World Wars
14.45 Marian Tutui | Svetozar Botoric and His Films 15.00 Cristina Bragea | Romania’s Neutrality during the First World War in the Cartoons of the Magazine Furnica
15.15 Coffee break

Celina Lunsford | Fashion Photography Reflecting Crisis and Hope.
Louise Dahl-Wolfe and The Harper’s Bazaar Years during WWII and the Begining of Cold War
Virginia Barbu | Soldiers, Peasants and other Heroes in the Work of Painter Ion Teodorescu Sion
Bogdan lorga | The Great War Reloaded Corina Teacă | History and the Art Practice
Discussions. Closing remarks

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